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Why New Year’s Resolutions Really Can Work

by | January 4th, 2011


by Peggy Sue Skipper, The New Era Times

‘Tis the season to eat, drink, and be merry, and then make resolutions to stop such behavior in the New Year. The psychology of having a clean slate to make changes is very alluring, but how many resolutions are still in place by the time Capricorn melts into Aquarius? I imagine the percentage is pretty low—and just why is this?

Most of us get overly ambitious about writing on that perceived clean slate. We take on too many changes too quickly to stick with them. Add to that the likelihood that most New Year’s Resolutions are made out of fear. We fear our future if we do not change our present, thus we resolve to change.

We have become such a self-absorbed society that we tend to only look at the world as it pertains to us personally. This is protection mode—survival skills which have truly been important to many of us and necessary to function in a world that did not understand anything but survival.

If you plan to make a resolution this year why not try resolving to thrive in your life? Here are some tips to make it happen:

  • Assume nothing is about you unless you are told in no uncertain terms that it is.
  • Look at your “button pushers” (people who really get you going in a negative way) as your best and brightest teachers. They are you know. It is their job to push your buttons as long as they are available to be pushed. These button pushers are almost always family members, bosses, or someone we have a difficult time avoiding. Next time you feel that button being pushed just remove yourself emotionally and think to yourself, “Wow. What a great job you are doing today teacher—way to push that button so I really know it’s still there!”
  • Start looking objectively in the mirror at yourself. What do you admire and what would you change with a magic wand at your disposal? Embrace parts you don’t especially like and realize none of us are perfect. The more we struggle with anything the more power it has over our lives.
  • Take a look at your Love and Support Group. Who are they? If you were thrown out on the street tomorrow would you have some place to go where you would be welcomed with open arms?
  • Take a further look at that Love and Support Group. If any of them were thrown out on the streets would you take them in with open arms?
  • To thrive we must become truly comfortable knowing everything that happens to us is for a reason and ultimately for our highest good even if we never fully understand what that is. If we live everyday accepting this wisdom, more good things than bad will begin happening to us. Anyone can be happy when nothing goes wrong.
  • Put all bad feelings toward anyone behind you. Be grateful for the lesson they brought you, even if you do not understand it.

Remember that if someone has “done you wrong” there is only one way to get true revenge.  Perhaps that is the real resolution for all of us.

Be Happy!

In this year of 2011, Just Be Happy!

Peggy Sue Skipper, Co-Founder of The New Era Times, is the author of two books: The Art of Conscious Evolution and Love Signs.

Excerpted from full article found at http://www.tnetimes.com/

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