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“Does My Lover Love Me Well?”

by | February 14th, 2011


Written By Susan Wittig Albert

We’re celebrating Valentine’s Day today so you might want to brush up on your herbal love lore. For centuries, plants have been important to lovers, for a whole bouquet of reasons! There is, of course, the rose. But here are four other magical plants you might not have thought of:

Honeysuckle. The scent of honeysuckle was thought to induce erotic dreams; hence, many parents forbade their daughters to bring it into the house.

Bay. If you want to dream of your future lover, pin five bay leaves to the four corners and the center of your pillow, before you go to bed tonight. Be sure to repeat the traditional charm (it won’t work if you don’t): St. Valentine, be kind to me, in dreams let me my true love see.

Yarrow. A lady hoping to attract a reluctant lover was advised to walk through a patch of yarrow, barefoot at midnight under a full moon. She was to pick some blossoms (with her eyes shut), then take them home and put them under her bed. If the flowers were still fresh, her lover would come around to the idea before long; if the flowers were dry, she should think about looking for another fellow.

Cornflower. A lover was advised to put a cornflower into his lapel. If the color stayed true-blue (as hoped in Goethe’s Faust), the young lady would be his; if it faded, he’d lost her.

Now gentle flower, I pray thee tell

If my lover loves me, and loves me well,

So may the fall of the morning dew

Keep the sun from fading thy tender blue.

Faust, Goethe

From Newsletter…All About Thyme … A Weekly Calendar of Times & Seasonings
Celebrating the Mysteries, Magic, and Myths of Herbs
Susan Wittig Albert

I have so enjoyed reading the China Bayles Mysteries written by Susan Wittig Albert.  If you are into ‘who done its’ and have an affinity for herbal gardening, then I highly recommend embarking on the adventures of China Bayles of Pecan Springs, Texas.  –Lesley

Live Life Relaxed.

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Hello, Lesley Arleen Koop here. My sister Linda Beth, LB, of Elbe Body – Massage Therapy, asked me to help her out by posting on her web site blog. Being the dutiful eldest sister I am and a helper kind and good, I whole-heartedly agreed. I enjoy research and writing and so far this has proven to be a very interesting journey, not unlike the life I live. As I re-post, I include the URL so you can find more info about the subject or the author. I hope you enjoy. I may even share a few poems here and there as they are my passion. And remember, whatever happens along the way, “It is what it is.” Love Ever Strengthens Love Ever Yields. Live Life Relaxed.

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