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2011…A Year of Balance

by | January 5th, 2011


Make this the year to balance everything—physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually; as well as your family, home, friends, hobbies and habits.

A balanced body is the first step towards a balanced life.

Massage contributes to the restoration of internal balance. If you are overexcited, massage will help you calm down, if you feel sluggish, it will stimulate you. Massage can be used to relieve certain health problems, such as back and shoulder pain, cough, headache and so on.

Massage therapy is also recommended in the period of healing from different injuries or illnesses. Massage can also be used to warm up before physical activity and to relax and strengthen muscles after it. Using massage oils helps skin cells regenerate and makes the skin more flexible.

Some people think that they are too fat or ugly to have a massage. The effect of massage is actually quite the opposite—it can make a person respect their body.

Body and mind are connected to each other. Your fitness affects your mind and vice versa—when you are mentally balanced, your body functions better.

After having a massage you do not feel like you consist of different parts, you feel whole. The awareness of your body increases and you feel that you have your feet firmly on the ground.

Massage offers a much  needed touch and a feeling of being cared for, without asking anything in return.

So be sure to try out a massage that fits your balancing needs and Live Life Relaxed!

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