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February’s Full Moon

by | February 18th, 2011


Today, Full Moon in Virgo, 99.8% of lunar illumination, 29 days to full moon, 14 days to new moon.


Since the heaviest snow usually falls during this month, native tribes of the north and east most often called February’s full Moon the Full Snow Moon. Some tribes also referred to this Moon as the Full Hunger Moon, since harsh weather conditions in their areas made hunting very difficult.”

That’s what the Farmer’s Almanac says about Friday evening’s full moon.

Though the February full moon is named the snow moon, temperatures Friday are forecast to reach 74 degrees here so don’t look for any moonlight on snow that evening. By the time the moon rises Friday at 6:48 PM it should still be in the upper 60s.

The “snow moon” will set at 6:50 AM Saturday morning.   —  by Johnny Horne



FULL MOON NAMES: Each full Moon of the year has its own name, most of which are associated with the weather or agriculture. The most common names used in North America include:

  • January — Moon after Yule
  • February — Snow Moon
  • March — Sap Moon
  • April — Grass Moon
  • May — Planting Moon
  • June — Honey Moon
  • July — Thunder Moon
  • August — Grain Moon
  • September — Fruit Moon (or Harvest Moon)
  • October — Hunter’s Moon (or Harvest Moon)
  • November — Frosty Moon
  • December — Moon before Yule



MOON PHASE BASICS: From any location on the Earth, the Moon appears to be a circular disk which, at any specific time, is illuminated to some degree by direct sunlight.

Like the Earth, the Moon is a sphere which is always half illuminated by the Sun, but as the Moon orbits the Earth we get to see more or less of the illuminated half.

During each lunar orbit (a lunar month), we see the Moon’s appearance change from not visibly illuminated through partially illuminated to fully illuminated, then back through partially illuminated to not illuminated again.

Although this cycle is a continuous process, there are eight distinct, traditionally recognized stages, called phases.

The phases designate both the degree to which the Moon is illuminated and the geometric appearance of the illuminated part.  ~ http://www.vidroid.com/moonphases/


So, Happy Snow Moon everyone!

Live Life Relaxed.

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