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Light Your Candle For The New Year

by | January 7th, 2011


By Authors Unknown

Light the candle in your soul,
Carry it into the dark.
If you find a flame that’s lost its glow
Light it with a spark.

The flame only grows brighter
When it gives another light,
And a billion burning candles
Can drive away the night.

Believe in yourself to the depth of your being,
Nourish the talents your spirit is freeing.
Know in your heart when the going gets slow,
That your faith in yourself will continue to grow.
Don’t forfeit ambition when others may doubt,
It’s your life to live, you must live it throughout.
Learn from your errors, don’t dwell in the past,
Never withdraw from a world that is vast.
Believe in yourself, find the best that is you,
Let your spirit prevail, “Steer a course that is true.”

Hold up your candle for all to see,
Reach from shore to shore,
And light the world with kindness
Now and forever more!

Light Your Candle & Believe In Yourself
~ 2 Combined Poems by Authors Unknown

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Hello, Lesley Arleen Koop here. My sister Linda Beth, LB, of Elbe Body – Massage Therapy, asked me to help her out by posting on her web site blog. Being the dutiful eldest sister I am and a helper kind and good, I whole-heartedly agreed. I enjoy research and writing and so far this has proven to be a very interesting journey, not unlike the life I live. As I re-post, I include the URL so you can find more info about the subject or the author. I hope you enjoy. I may even share a few poems here and there as they are my passion. And remember, whatever happens along the way, “It is what it is.” Love Ever Strengthens Love Ever Yields. Live Life Relaxed.

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