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by | December 12th, 2010


Elbe Body – Massage Therapy offering one hour or 90 minute sessions. Full body services include Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports, Pregnancy, Shiatsu and Integrative massage. Studio location is quiet and secure. Therapist has over 750+ hours of training along with 4 Star Spa experience. Are you looking for a therapy that will help unwind stress from long days at the office? Do you sit in a compromising position that causes tension in the neck and shoulders? Are you active, training for your next triathlon? All modalities of massage therapy are important: touch is the ultimate communication that offers warmth, comfort, care and heart. Physically, massage opens channels for improved circulation and flushing of toxic waste that the body derives from everyday exertion. Let our massage expertise assist to rebalance, revive, refresh and most of all…relax! Please visit www.elbebody.com for more details.

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My name is Linda Elizabeth Koop, aka Linda Beth. Being the fifth of five sisters, I was soon referred to as LB and it stuck. As I was contemplating the name for my business, I wanted to relate the feeling of calm and tranquility to a name that was unique and undiscovered. I have always been fascinated with sandwiching the LB between two E's to create ELBE (pronounced LB) Before I went too far, I did a bit of research and found that Elbe is actually the name of a river in Germany. Being of German descent, I saw this as providence and settled on the name Elbe Body.

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