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A GenesisPURE Way of Life

by | May 18th, 2011


As many of you may know, I am on a quest for the best and most efficient healthy living ways available. 

I have tried many diet and exercise programs in search of a way to combat the typically unhealthy
American way of life. Regarding our health, here are some facts that you need to know:

  1. Our health is under assault by many sources because of our way of life.
    We are toxic, out of balance, and malnourished.
    We need to help our bodies in many ways to be at our best.
    If we choose just one or two, we will fail.
  2. 85% of our water supplies are dead and toxic from industry and pharmaceutical runoff.
    Bacteria and parasites run rampant. So the water supply is chlorinated to kill the bacteria
    and parasites, which in turn kill all of the good bacteria in our digestive tract and make us more acid.
  3. 6,000+ people die each year in LA and NYC from air pollution.
    You have to breathe to live, and that same air is slowing killing you.
  4. The average adult has 9-21 lbs of fecal matter lodged in their digestive tract which is poisoning their body.
    Poop stinks because it is toxic – get ALL of the poop out of your body!
  5. The medications we take our making our livers toxic.
  6. Our bodies are nutritionally deficient because our foods are deficient and
    we don’t eat the variety we need to get all the nutrients for every organ.

The Good News is that your body will overcome all of these conditions if given what it needs to fight its own battles. 

GenesisPURE was created to offer the very best in nutrition and opportunity to the world. 

GenesisPURE is focused on revolutionizing the nutritional network marketing industry through their product philosophy of “Cleanse, Balance, and Build.”

  1. GenesisPURE offers an arsenal of the purest, most potent, and most natural products available to
    quickly turn your health around. They are based on science and decades of clinical research.
  2. The Liquid Cleanse gently purifies your body, kills parasites, and cleans the digestive tract
    to expel toxins and allow your body to absorb nutrition.
  3. The GoYin and Superfruit juices will balance your hormones and pH.
    When all of the endocrine glands are working properly, the chemical balance in your body is restored.
    The skin will tighten, cholesterol levels will go down, and vitality is restored.
  4. The NutritionPURE and the liquid Coral Calcium provide your body with all of the over 200 vital vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, fatty acids, omegas, that are necessary for every system and organ of your body to function, maintain, and repair on a daily basis.
  5. The Meal Replacement Shake gives you all of the protein and vitamins to start your day
    on the right track and get your metabolism working.
  6. The Fruit and Fiber Mix supports internal cleansing and improved digestion,
    colon health, and immunity with natural fibers, pro-biotics, and other nutrients.

We all get just one body in which to travel this journey of life.

We can’t trade it in for a new model at 60,000 miles, so we may as well find ways to help us…

Live Life Relaxed

Linda Koop


Watch a 5 minute video of Dr. Lindsey Duncan:


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My name is Linda Elizabeth Koop, aka Linda Beth. Being the fifth of five sisters, I was soon referred to as LB and it stuck. As I was contemplating the name for my business, I wanted to relate the feeling of calm and tranquility to a name that was unique and undiscovered. I have always been fascinated with sandwiching the LB between two E's to create ELBE (pronounced LB) Before I went too far, I did a bit of research and found that Elbe is actually the name of a river in Germany. Being of German descent, I saw this as providence and settled on the name Elbe Body.

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