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by | January 11th, 2011


Fun with Numerical Dates…Happy 1/11/11, just 354 more days to go until New Years Eve.

Number nerds around the world are celebrating the fact that today is 1/11/11 (or 11/1/11 if you’re European). They’ll have to wait another 11 years or so for 2/22/22 and 56 years for 1:23am on April 5th, 2067 (1:23 4/5/67). Last year on August 9th, a little past noon we had 12:34:56.7 8/9/10.

Shea Gunther

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Hello, Lesley Arleen Koop here. My sister Linda Beth, LB, of Elbe Body – Massage Therapy, asked me to help her out by posting on her web site blog. Being the dutiful eldest sister I am and a helper kind and good, I whole-heartedly agreed. I enjoy research and writing and so far this has proven to be a very interesting journey, not unlike the life I live. As I re-post, I include the URL so you can find more info about the subject or the author. I hope you enjoy. I may even share a few poems here and there as they are my passion. And remember, whatever happens along the way, “It is what it is.” Love Ever Strengthens Love Ever Yields. Live Life Relaxed.

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